Looking for Roof Insurance Claim Assistance in Forth Worth?


If you reside in Texas, you should know that high winds and hail are just a part of life. This is where a Roof Insurance Claim may be very helpful in a unwanted situation. Unfortunately, these two natural factors and others can cause damage to your home without you being aware of it.

Understand that severe weather can cause weakening support to your windows and roof without leaving any obvious damage. This may result in a costly problem in time. Of course, it would have been too late to have the insurance pay for it. Unfortunately, most insurance carriers limit your time to file a claim. Consider getting a roof inspection after any severe weather or have a yearly check up. You don’t have to wait till water is dripping through your ceiling before you call your insurance company.

Do you NEED a Roofing Insurance Claim?

Finding out that you have roof damage and need repairs can cause great stress for many homeowners. Let Gallagher Roofing Contractors help you handle insurance claims, speaking with adjusters and ensure your reimbursed for all covered damages. We understand that most homeowners are unsure about how to file a claim and be paid. If your one of these homeowners, you can protect yourself and your investment by contacting us.