Do you need a Roof Replacement in Fort Worth, Texas?


One of the most essential parts of a building, is the roof. However, many people overlook its significance. Unfortunately, due to wear and tear, no one is fully prepared for roof damage, or needing a roof replacement. It is important you replace it immediately when damaged to protect the structure of your home and properties.

Roof replacement is a big investment and something few homeowners do not budget for. Of course, a repair is usually less expensive than replacement, but the cost of repairs may exceed that of getting a new one. Depending on the damage that needs repair or the age of your roof, a replacement roof could ultimately save money.

When you have a pressing need to replace your roof or you are constructing a new home in Fort Worth, Texas, Gallagher Roofing Contractors remains your top choice. We have a team of expert staff that has extensive skills in installing first-rate residential roofing systems for homeowners. From tile roofing, flat roof systems, composite shingles to metal roofing in different designs and colors, we specialize in all types of residential roof replacements that will last longer. We also follow the standards set by manufacturers to remove the faulty materials down to the plywood.

We can spot the issues that lead to real roof damage

A small breakage on your roof could cause an inestimable damage in just a short time period. At Gallagher Roofing Contractors, our roof replacement experts are licensed & insured and are certified to install roofing systems from the leading manufacturers in the industry. Our roofers don’t take shortcuts. They will carefully check for damages and recommend the best options for your project before starting any work. Depending on your selected option, they will work efficiently to give your roofing a new look as fast as possible. This is to minimize the inconvenience to you and your family. Overall, they will protect your home from hail damage, storm damage, water damage and so on.

A new roof can improve the look of your home and also increase its value. Our roofing experts will help you select the right roofing material that matches the style of your home. They will also offer you a peace of mind knowing that your new roofing will be energy efficient and of high quality.

We understand that you have other choices for your residential roof replacement. When you choose Gallagher Roofing Contractors, you are leaving nothing to chance. This covers from the beginning when our expert roofers visit your home to the end when the task is completed. We will guide you to ensure you get the best solution for your residential roof replacements in Fort Worth, Texas.

Several customers in Tarrant County have had us replace their residential roofing and they are very pleased with the results.

We believe our many years of experience will be invaluable in assisting you to choose the best roof for your home. You can call us to schedule a free, no-obligation on-site consultation anytime. We will be glad to discuss any issues with your current roofing and your options for a roof replacement.