Looking for a Metal Roofing Contractor?

metal roof

If you are looking for a new metal roof in Fort Worth, Texas, let Gallagher Roofing Contractors help you. We specialize in inspecting, repairing, and replacing metal roofing among many other styles of roofs. Metal roofs in Fort Worth are popular for several reasons.

And although a metal roof is a bit more costly in the beginning, it is a practical purchase considering the many advantages. We remember when a metal roofs appeared dull looking and boring. But today, Manufacturers have perfected metal roof shingles so they look just as attractive as other roofing options.

Positive Reasons to use Metal Roofs

  • They are totally fireproof
  • They last longer than traditional asphalt roofs
  • More affordable long term (life span of 30-50 years)
  • They are recyclable, making them environmentally friendly

If you are looking to replace your current roof with a metal roof, Gallagher Roofing Contractors can do that too. Our roofing design experts will be happy to sit down with you and introduce the latest in metal roof trends, so you can select the right one for your commercial or residential property.