Need a Commercial Roofer in Fort Worth or surrounding areas?

Commercial-Roofing-fort-worthGallagher Roofing understands that your commercial roofing project is a substantial investment and we’ll make sure that your investment in us is paid back in full, with an amazing roofing experience. Rest assured, we’ll provide the same level of customer service, quality and care with our commercial roofing services as we do with all of our residential projects. Whether you have an apartment complex, warehouse or religious center, we’ll take the time to understand your needs and we’ll provide the most cost-effective solutions for you.

As your business building gets older, the maintenance of its roof system becomes very important. A lot of companies barely pay attention to little roof problems until it becomes too late. This is usually when they begin to see major damage to facilities, inventory, and equipment due to roof leaks. And at this point, the thought of repairing or replacing the roof can be worrisome. This concern is also heightened as the business may temporarily be closed if a significant roof repair is needed.

Hire the right roofing contractor

With many commercial roofers it can be difficult hiring the right contractor even for a little maintenance work. When you have decided to hire, you must ensure that your choice of company can handle your commercial roofing needs without any fear of disruption to your business’ daily operations. They must also have competent employees and the proper equipment to complete the job in a timely manner.

If you need a company as described above, then look no further! Gallagher Roofing is a full-service commercial roofing company that takes great pride in providing fast and reliable roofing services in Forth Worth and its surrounding areas. Our aim is to offer the best, premium commercial roofing services at unbeatable rates for all of our customers. This is why everything we do is about your needs.

Whether you need:
• Roof restoration
• Resealing the seams of a flat rooftop
• maintenance programs for sloped-tile
• leaky paneling in steep-sloped metal roofing

Our expert roofers will carefully analyze the problem and offer personalized solutions that bring style and enhanced comfort to your building. We are licensed and certified and are carefully selected to meet high levels of customer service plus top experience standards. They have effectively handled several complex commercial roofing tasks. Be assured, we are well-versed with the different roof types and materials for commercial outlets.

We understand that your building is a part of your investment and that protecting its integrity is of the utmost importance. We will ensure that it is handled with extreme care, allowing you to salvage your existing roofing and save money in the process. This also allows you to be entitled to full manufacturer’s warranties plus an amazing roofing experience.

Commercial roofing services we offer:

Among the several commercial roofing services we offer to clients in Forth Worth and its surrounding areas include:
• Commercial Roof Replacement
• Professional Coatings
• Roof Construction
• Commercial Roof Repairs
• We can also install a new roof to better safeguard your business.

We stand by our workmanship and services:

• Carry proper levels of insurance
• Follow the standards required for Manufacturers’ Warranties on all the products we install
• Ensure a full compliance with the OSHA safety standards on all jobs
• Are familiar with the building and contracting codes in the Fort Worth area.

For all of us at Gallagher Roofing Contractors, it is about making sure the whole process is smooth right from the start to finish. We will also conduct routine checkups and scheduled maintenance to keep your roof in good shape and extend its longevity. Rest assured, we’ll offer you an equal level of quality customer service as we do with all of our residential or commercial projects.